Tom Cardy

Dirt Jump and Street Rider

Personal Info.

  • Age: 20
  • Home Town: Chelmsford
  • Favorite Place to Ride: Radical Bikes, Corby, PORC
  • Dartmoor Bikes
  • X Fusion Shox
  • Slam 69

“Everyone come check out Radical Bikes, the best place to ride your bike!”

I have been riding Dirt for 7 years. I am going to be riding for Dartmoor Bikes this year and hope to compete in as many competitions as possible, both at home and in Europe.

A little info about my ride.

  • Dartmoor Quinine, Revolt Hubs, Rims, Micron Stem, Toxic Bars & Flare Cranks
  • Shimano Brake
  • Kenda Tyres
  • X Fusion Vengeance Shox