Matty Turner

Trials, Street & Park Rider

Personal Info

  • Age: 14
  • Home Town: Wokingham
  • Radical Bikes
  • Inspired Bikes
  • Phoenix Riders Co
  • Pro Tec

I like to learn new moves, trying new lines and take inspiration from riders I look up to. Mostly I don’t need any motivation to ride… I just love riding!


I’m in year 10 at School. Apart from riding, I play football for a local team, like to listen to music and socialise with friends.

A little info about my ride.

  • Flow 20” frame/fork, Arcade high rise bars with Inspired grips on a Trialtech stem, 18/12 gearing on Trialtech cranks with Inspired Team pedals, upgraded rear Avid V brake with linear cable and TNN pads on a grind, Hope Mono Trials front disc, Trialtech rims and hubs, Kenda/Maxxis tyres.